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Driving an old VW bus - that was already our way of life. Since a teenager in the States, Filip cought the aircooled hook. He met Augusta then our son Elios came along, and the old chalenging dream got clearer. Now here we are, on the road. We're leaving our dear old Europe for a longest strech of land deprived of western lifestyle, culture and parts...

In a 1977 VW bus from Poland through the Baltic countries, then accross Russia and into Mongolia.

Thereafter, by train accross China.

Once we get to South-East Asia, we'll be completely free to either buy another air-cooled bus, or rent a flat, or go on with our backpakcs... Only the future, and this blog will tell...

vendredi 22 mars 2013

Almost one year after...

OK, I should write next week, but who knows if I'll have time then...
I saw there are still dozens of people visiting this blog every month. Thank you!

So what's new? 
We are moving to the Pyrenees (90 kms from here;) in about 2 days.
Elios entered a Waldorf kindergarten after showing some problems in "normal" French public preschool (which is a crazy system of teaching kids already before the age of 3)
We have a new Westfalia (already working but to be repaired).
We had 15 puppies, but we're back 4 of us (3 humans and 1 dog).
I have created my professional translation website:
I am working on a project of travel diary book for children, these two drawings are part of it, and I am willing to get all your comments!
Filip is still crazy about VWs, he is now attending a meeting in England and will meet some of our Indonesian friends this summer, in Germany and Poland.

Please write, share, comment!


samedi 24 mars 2012

Thailand Cambodia and Thailand...

Sorry we have not been writing for SO LONG! Well the French version was updated fom time to time for those who can read it, and the important is that WE'RE STILL ALIVE!! HEHE!

So while Filip was travelling to the mekong river and then helping his friend Saroch on the meeting, Elios, Augusta and the grand parents Olga and Raymond went to an island near Bangkok, Koh Sichang: well it's not the most beautiful one, but still, they were happy to see the sea, even full of litter.
The small family came together again on the Sunday of Bangkok's VW meeting, VW love party, and also met a French traveling family that had been published on the same magazine as them in France, Super VW magazine special combi. That meeting was not that big but nice, one club played reggae music, some ULM planes dropped lottery tickets on the floor, Filip sold a few Indonesian VW batiks!

next we departed to cambodia, leaving the bus and some bags at saroch's place, so that we could take public transportation with light luggage. We enjoyed cambodia quite a lot: people are poor but very friendly, lots of thm live in small shacks, many side roads are not paved, food is less spicy. we entered by the south west, at Koh Kong, and were surprised, after struggling to change money, that they do use US dollars everywhere. At that first city, e enjoyed a day on a motorcycle, to the mangrove and a waterfall.
After that we got to Sihanoukville, the one beach destination in Cambodia, but had a terrible weather to start with, which didn't allow us to hang around and find the beautiful places like Otres beach, we ended up in the touristic ghetto and Olga and raymond joined us there. After a couple of days, we escaped to Koh Rong, also called Monkey Island: Whawwww! A quiet place, no mass tourism at the moment cause electricity is still lacking most of the time, the beach is simply marvelous, never seen such a thin white sand, like salt! Filip chose to fast for three days, preparing well eating veggies for a few days before and after. Elios and raymond also enjoyed the steamer's realizations, they had brought about 30 kilos of fruits and vegetables to the islands! Lots of relax, games in the water, Elios learned to love swimming like a fish. Unfortunately the one person who could enjoy herself at all was Olga, who had  a terrible pain in her back for all the time we stayed there.
After coming back together to Sihanoukville, we split our ways again, grand-parents staying on the sea side a few more days while small Habas family was starting its way down. Last stop in Cambodia was in Battambang, where we found some untouristic areas, cruising in the countryside on a motorbike, and discovered a great art school for poor children, famous notably for its circus shows.

Back to Thailand, we made our way to Bangkok pretty fast, where we met Saroch for the last time and spent some time with Polish VW friends Piotr and Magda, who came for a short holiday and brought from Poland our T-shirts as presents. A few beers in the touristic Khao San area, the Poles were happy to be together;) We then headed South, along the coast, stopping in some small towns, avoiding touristic chaos: we chose first Prechuap Khiri Kan, which has beautiful mountains pointing out the sea, but terrible waves nd jellyfishes (if you do want to go there DO NOT buy your tickets in stupid travel agencies of the touristic zone: they had us pay double and spend double time in the transport!) then Songkhla with a magnificent playground directly on the beach and a funny festival for Woman's Day (every woman was wearing pink!). The last days unfortunately Augusta got a terrible eye infection, and Filip's twisted ankle started to hurt badly again. In that poor state we arrived in Malaysia.

mardi 31 janvier 2012

CHiang Mai north Thailand

We took Sarochs westy up to Chiang Mai, the next biggest Thai city , settled in a flat plateau nesttled in the mountains.  Very buisy and touristic City, so we, prefering a more quiet settings moved to Doi Socet
where we found a top room in a guesthouse, sittuated near Tao Garden spiritual retreat complex, where Augusta practices daily her Tchi Kong and other meditations

mercredi 25 janvier 2012

Thailand - Saroch's shop, vws and resort

We arrive in Thailand sooner than Augustas parents, who had to rescheadule their flight to a day after.  Meanwchile we enjoyed our stay at a hostel in Bangkok, and we made our way to Sarochs Garage.
Saroch is a vw fan, whom, like Anto I met on vw shows in europe. Usually the good german shows like Bad Camberg, or Hannover.  He asked me to phone him as we arrived in Thailand, so as soon as he realised that we were here, he invited us to his shop, and warmly insisted on visiting his vw resort, not too far from Katchanaburi, located on a nice slope near a river side in a quiet place umong the mountains.  We stayed there and it pleased Augusta who was looking for a brake from traveling constantly in a vw bus.  Filip went back to Bangkok to pickup Augustas Parents at the airport.

Finally the whole family was reunited, and Elios was happy to have his grandparents to play with, and Augusta relieved of her maternal duties.   We rode elephants and visited the near places like the bridge over rivier quai, We used the Beetle and a 73 westy wchich needed some tune up before taking off for a bigger trip to the north mountains of Thailand.  On wednesday, Sarochs wife Kun, guided us back to Bangkok, as we drove the 73 westy, to get a valve check, and an over all tune up before going off for a 2 week excursion.
We drive Sarochs bus for the first 350km, half way to Chiang Mai, and it does very well.

dimanche 15 janvier 2012

vw meeting in Bali

The meeting was smaller than in Jogja, but was just as satisfying.  A different island, so different habits, and culture.  Here Hindu religion allowed to have a drink, so there was actually beer to be sold there.  Equally hot, the vw meeting was guarded by a Hindu Shaman, who was acctually payed for good weather. In truth the rain fall anywhere but the meeting, and it really pored down at the conclusion.  About 300 cars showed up from around Indonesia- the furthest came from Jakarta and Bandung. There was entertainment and good fun.